Staff Motivation

Due to ever-changing market demand, business model changes and market shifts, talent retention and motivation are crucial factors to be succeeded in many organizations. Hence, in order to retain a competitive advantage in the market place, a tendency to have a comprehensive, flexible Talent Motivation Management system is being required. The methodology is based on how people’s performance, result achieved based in a sense of pre-defined dimensions. Challenges to have a comprehensive Talent Motivation Management suite is derived from both technology and operation issues as

  • A proper infrastructure to support system integrations amongst different source of data
  • System automation for data update upon Motivation Logic
  • A central repository / platform for managers validate, control and approval data for further processing
  • Recognition methodology on Motivation Incentive / Commission per employee (calculation logic traceability)
  • Productivity per sales team or sales representatives (effectiveness and efficiency issue)

Value Proposition from Take5 Motivation Management Module:

  • Effective way to manage ever-changing commission matrix calculation particular on Talent Motivation program powered by Quantrix Analytic Module
  • Improve collaboration between Business users and HR Users group on shareable database and common terminology, effective communication between departments.
  • Develop a competitive edge with faster delivery of time-sensitive on Front Line Sales level – Target achievement against Actual Achievement comparison with Take5 Commission module.
  • Improve users and employees satisfaction with intuitive view from sharable, transparency information from Take5 ePortal
  • Ensure information integrity within ONE single data source for further reporting.
  • Take5 innovative solution enables user productivity with access to key information and processes wherever and whenever needed.
  • Managers and Sales self service on Commission earned, Commission Receivables and information as needed.

In conjunction with Take5 eApproval Module:

  • Enable user eForm (Workflow Form) with user defined approval flow for Motivation Incentive / Commission when integrate with eApproval Module
  • Dynamic approver assignment provides organization great flexibility due to resources mobilization. (Change in management / leaderships per on-going project)
  • Capacity to attach incentive or commission report for approval confirmation